Edinburgh City Lacrosse Club competes in the Men’s Scottish League; games are held on weekends throughout the winter months. The league fixtures are set and published every year before the season starts. Please go to the Team Calendar for up to date information.

We regularly organize friendlies against other clubs of all levels, both home and away.

We endeavour to enter many tournaments throughout the year in both the UK and abroad; some of the most popular tournaments include, Stockport 8’s, Bath 8’s and the Edinburgh Festival.

Further Possibilities

Men’s Lacrosse is currently only played professionally in the States and Canada. However, the sport is expanding throughout the world and is growing every year. As popularity of Lacrosse rises, so do the opportunities for high levels of competition. There are many exciting and challenging opportunities for men’s Lacrosse players who are eligible for their National teams.

Those players who meet their national teams eligibility requirements and who are especially skilled, are likely to achieve a place in their National squad. They will then have the opportunity to represent their country in the European and World cups and in the UK, the British National Championships, which are held every year.

At Edinburgh City Lacrosse Club, we strive to assist every player who wishes to be a part of a national team. We help them to achieve their goal by stepping up their training and introducing them to the knowledge and skills sets they will require to succeed and by supporting their applications in any other ways we can. Many of our current team are already International team members and invariably we ensure that our coaching, training and fitness helps them to keep them at the top of their game.