Glasgow Box Tournament
June 1, 2013

Recently Edinburgh took part in the first (hopefully of many) Box lacrosse tournaments in Scotland. The Tournament was hosted by the Glasgow Clydesiders. The tournament involved 3 fledgling box teams from Scotland The Edinbrugh City Mudfists, The Glasgow Clydesiders, and the Glasglow Honey-Badgers and the Dublin Riggers a Box lacrosse team from Ireland.

Congratulations to the Glasgow Clydesiders on winning the tournament and to Billy Martin for being the top scorers. Thank you to Glasgow for hosting the tournament.

Final standings:

[standings league_id=9 logo=false]


[matches league_id=9 mode=all]

Top goal-scorers:

  1. Bill Martin (11 Goals), Edinburgh Mudfists
  2. Myles Bonnar (8 goals), Glasgow Clydesiders
  3. Paul Tracey (6 goals), Glasgow Clydesiders

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