Awards for the 2011 – 2012 Season
August 18, 2012

Before we officially Start the 2012 – 2013 Season we still have one thing to clear up from the 2011 – 2012 Season, The End of Season awards. Nominations and Voting have been going on for the past few weeks and the Awards ceremony took place last night at the New York Steam Packet. We had several awards to give out from the Biggest Hit to the Most Valuable Player.

The How did he do that? award

This award was for anything this season that made you just stop and wonder ‘how did he do that?’. This can be something slick, something impressive or just something ridiculous.

The Winner was Josh Schuwer for going and getting a lady friend! Although not technically lacrosse related it did cause many of us to ask “How did he do that?”.

The Ross Woodrow ‘Dick of the day but for the Season’ award

For the guy that gets sent off for at least 3 minutes a game? Or the guy who mugs himself off by proposing a game of drinking Euro Vision? You know, it’s not all about the guys at the top!

The Winner with every single vote (including his own) Bret Retallick. For his relentless effort to be a dick Bret has earned this award and set a high benchmark for future dicks.

The Biggest Hit

Award for the biggest hit of the season.

This was awarded to Bill Buschle for putting in two huge hit to the same attack man twice in the same game. Well done Bill you lived up to your nickname.

The Best Goal

Award for the best goal of the season.

There are two winners for this awards Bret Retallick for his “Watch this” goal in the Final game of the Men’s Tournament in Stirling and Andy O’Donnell for going coat to coast with a D Pole in the First game of the Men’s Tournament in Stirling.

The Bill Buschle Big Plays award

This is the award for the biggest play of the Season. This can be a team or an individual play, a goal or a defensive play. It is for the one play turned a game around or was just beautiful.

There really can be only one winner to this. The opening Goal of our home game against Glasgow City. This was our first game on our new pitches at Broughton High School against our biggest rivals. Lee McCrohan won the opening face off, a fast break and pass to Alasdair ‘Yeti’ Carmichael cranked a spectacular shot to score a goal in the opening 10 seconds of the Game. With such a strong opening we went on win the game and maintain our undefeated season.

Most Improved Player

This is for the player that has improved the most this year. We had a few players who started playing this year we also had several intermediate players who really stepped up their game.

This was a very close contest with only a single vote separating the winner. Congratulations to Jim Philp for going from having never picked up a stick at the start of the season to a core part of our Midfield you deserve this award.

Most Valuable Player

This is the award for the most valuable player for the team this year. For the player who couldn’t we do without and who was always there for us as a team.

We have a few players who are key to the team but there is one person who stands out above the rest. Congratulations to Lee McCrohan. Lee has done so much for the team in the past year, one of our top goal scorers, taking face offs and being the driving force to keep the team going when everyone is starting to get tired. We really would have struggled this year without your hard work both on and off the field. Congratulations Lee.

Congratulation to all the Winners you deserved it. Best of luck to everyone else in the upcoming season.

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