Lacrosse Scotland Men’s Club Tournament
February 19, 2012

Results from the 2012 Lacrosse Scotland Men’s Tournament. Edinburgh City put in a solid performance coming second overall. Congratulations to a very strong Aberdeen University Team on the well deserved first place.

Edinburgh City’s Results

[match id=97]
The day started with an Edinburgh Derby. This was the first Edinburgh Derby this season. Edinburgh Uni showed some excellent control of the ball in offense and a deadly attack. Fortunately Edinburgh City’s defense were able to contain them and stop the University team from running away with the game while Edinburgh City’s attack kept the score level. A turnover by Edinburgh Uni in the final few minutes of the game gave Edinburgh city the ball. A quick break and a long pole goal by Andy O’Donnell won the game for Edinburgh City.

[match id=102]
Edinburgh City’s second game was against Glasgow City. Glasgow came out strong and this was looking to be a very one sided affair in the first half. Fortunately in the second half Edinburgh’s attack found its rhythm and closed the gap. A controversial decision to not allow a goal that would have put Edinburgh ahead led to a fast break goal for Glasgow. However a spectacular third goal for Scott, who was easily Edinburgh’s Man of the Match, kept the scores level for well deserved draw.

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Edinburgh City’s final game was against the Scotland All Stars. A hybrid team made up of players from the other teams who came to be known as “Team Rainbow”. This was the last game of the day and was played in good spirit under the flood lights. The strong team work of Edinburgh City defeated brilliant individual play of Team Rainbow. A lot of fun and an excellent end to the tournament.

Final Table and All match results

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